Lemnos (novel)

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It is the middle of the 21st century. Ten years have passed since Philip Titus was abandoned on Lemnos, an island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. An American general, he was left for dead by his own comrades at the outset of a war between China and the United States. But now it has become clear that the Americans cannot win the war without Philip Titus and a prototype weapon of his own design, a rifle that cannot miss its targets.

So General Ulysses, the man who marooned him, has come back to the island to persuade the old man who hates him most to come home and fight for the Americans. But before they can even begin to dupe the old soldier into joining them, Ulysses and his hand-picked team must make their way across Lemnos: through the dark jungle on the island's rim and the long grass beyond it, and into the caverns snaking deep beneath the island's central volcano.

They face the constant threat of the island's fauna, and traps left there by Titus, and the unrelenting knowledge that at any moment they might find themselves in the crosshairs of the gun that never misses. And ultimately, because of Titus' enmity towards him, Ulysses must ensure his elaborate plans to a naïve young captain, the son of a war hero, whose only fault in Ulysses' eyes is an overbearing—and dangerous—conscience.

Based on the Greek tragedy Philoctetes by Sophocles.

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  1. I was hoping to find a novel about your experiences living in Greece. I fondly remember the 'Lemnos'--named for that island because, it was said, the ship's owner was from there--arriving and departing from Santorini each day, and, as it chugged past, outbound, close to our cliffs, my neighbor firing his shotgun as a salute from the roof of my cave house in Oia.

  2. Alas I have never been to Greece. I'd love to go someday... My grandmother, who traveled the Mediterranean before I was born, said Greece was her favorite of the places she'd been, and the Greeks were her favorite people. As for me, I've felt a connection with Ancient Greece ever since I learned about Greek mythology as a kid. Someday I'll go.

    J. Simon Harris