Saturday, September 22, 2018

Sonnets for Ashley Faye: Sonnet 1

This sonnet has been published online by the Society of Classical Poets. It was the first sonnet I ever wrote for my wife, Ashley Faye Harris.

I’ve awed at the Atlantic’s bluest depths,
and peered at the Pacific’s deepest blues;
the warm blue summer waters of Key West,
and cold blue winter on the Charles, too.

I’ve watched the moon rise up above the Thames,
the stars upon a Minnesota lake;
I’ve seen the morning sun reflected in
the misty sweep of San Francisco Bay.

But nowhere in the world have I seen blue,
and nowhere have I seen the shimmering sky,
come close to matching what I’ve seen in you
when something lights a smile in those blue eyes.

As if an ocean hides beneath your face,
as if a heaven shines behind your gaze.

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