Sunday, February 26, 2017

Iliad I, lines 163-171

Last week, we left off in the middle of Achilles' response to Agamemnon. Here is the rest of the response:

163      True, my reward never equals yours whenever the Argives
            capture and ransack a well-manned outpost of Troy for its treasures;
            yet it is my hands bearing the brunt of the violent combat.
            Oh, but when it comes time for dividing the plunder among us,
            yours is the greater reward by far; while exhausted from fighting,
            I come back to the ships with a small, but precious, trinket.
169      Now I return to Phthia—we’re much better off if we go back
            home in our curved-beaked ships; and I do not intend to continue
            here in dishonor, amassing your wealth and winning your spoils.”

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