Thursday, February 2, 2017

Iliad I, lines 121-129

I'm posting this week's selection early, because I'll be out of town on Sunday for personal reasons. Please enjoy this snippet, and we'll be back on schedule next week:

121      Brilliant Achilles, fast on his feet, replied to Atrides:
            “Glorious son of Atreus, greedy for spoils above all men,
            how will the great-hearted Argives give you another reward now?
            We know of no shared hoard of our treasures laid up in some stockpile—
            what we have plundered from cities has all been divided among us;
            it’s a disgrace to the men, if you make them return what they’ve gotten.
127      Send the girl back to the god for the moment, and then the Achaeans,
            three, maybe four times over, will pay you back on the day Zeus
            gives us the strong-walled city of Troy to be sacked and plundered.”

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