Sunday, November 20, 2016

Welcome to J. Simon Harris' Writing Blog

My name is J. Simon Harris. I write novels, short stories, poetry, and translations of literary works. I created this blog as a place to showcase samples of my work. To get things started, I've posted a synopsis and a sample of my novel, Lemnos, which is available for purchase on the Amazon Kindle store.

I have also posted samples from my translation of Dante's Inferno. My translation is unique because it is in terza rima, the rhyme scheme of the original Italian (ABA BCB CDC etc.). The poem is divided into thirty-four cantos (Italian for "songs"), and I have posted a selection of four cantos. My translation is unpublished, and I am trying to drum up some interest in it, so that I can ultimately get it published. The links below will take you to the selections.

    Inferno: Canto I
    Inferno: Canto II
    Inferno: Canto XII
    Inferno: Canto XXI

I welcome comments on the pages of my blog, as well as emails. Whether it's praise, or criticism, or discussion, I'd like to hear from you if you have something to talk about. Thanks to everyone for your interest in my work.

J. Simon Harris

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